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Wonder Woman’s Look and the opinions about it

Again, Wonder Woman has found herself plastered all over the web as a result of her outfit.  For many people, mentioning the Wonder Woman conjures images of the classic original look (and often times of Lynda Carter sporting that look).

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Early last summer, DC Comics decided to revamp Wonder Woman’s look in addition to rebooting her character with new background information.  The new look designed by Jim Lee put Wonder Woman in pants (gasp!).

The news coverage devoted to Wonder Woman last year spanned all kinds of “reputable” news companies (this article from the New York Times is just one example).  What was fascinating about the coverage was that most of it focused on the change on costume and the enormous outcry of people angered about Wonder Woman wearing pants and having a “dated jacket.”

And now, Wonder Woman is again all over the news for her costume. NBC is currently shooting a pilot episode for a new series based on the famous character of Diana/Wonder Woman.  David E. Kelley (of Ally McBeal fame) is scripting the series and it features Adrianne Palicki (from Friday Night Lights).  While, there have been several posts and many comments about her casting in the infamous role, that’s not what’s garnering the most attention.  Again, it’s the infamous costume.  Perhaps because Wonder Woman is such an iconic figure and is considered to be the first major female super-hero. Or perhaps it’s because everyone’s a fashion critic?  Regardless, when the first photos surfaced of Adrianne in costume, the web reeled.

Wonder Woman's Costume 2011

Fans were appalled at the shiny, pleather-like pants (and the high heeled, blue boots).  Some moaned over the inflexible look of the bustier.  But it was the pants and the boots that people were most upset about.  Outcry was so huge, execs actually altered the costume.  The first photos from shooting surfaced and showed pants that looked more like a real fabric (and had stars down the side).  The new look also went back to the trademark red boots, but with a flat heel.

Now, here’s the thing that gets me.  If you peruse comments on a blog post from a widely available source (say this one from Yahoo), the outcry is still mostly over the pants.  I can’t help but laugh at the people that were upset by the high heeled boots (um, the original comic and even Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman wore heeled boots).  But, I guess the NBC pilot caved to outcry over that because they have claimed the new series will be much less “campy” and more “serious” than Wonder Woman of the 1970’s.

Then there are the comments about the pants.  What’s entertaining is that the exact same arguments that were made last year when the comic changed are being parroted again now in regards to the series.  I can’t help but wonder if these comments are from people that were appalled last year, of if they are from people that have no clue Wonder Woman now officially wears pants.  I wish blog comments had a way of gathering some basic information from people (have you read the comic in the past, have you watch the old show, are you aware of the change DC Comics made to Wonder Woman’s look last year, etc). It would certainly help me decided which comments are actually offering a valid complaint/opinion – then again, often times that’s already pretty clear by spelling, grammar, and text itself.

Personally, I can understand the NBC pilot going with pants, especially since the actual comic character now wears pants (and in action, that “dated” jacket, doesn’t look so bad in the comics).  I like the new comic look.  And so, I don’t understand why the pilot decided to put Wonder Woman in pants (like the comic) but create an entirely different look and add other random changes (stars down the leg, etc).  If you are going to take an iconic heroine and use a look that varies from the original, at least stick with the comic source.  However, I much prefer the latest look over the pleather look.  Let’s hope the costume still evolves a bit before we actually see the series (if we see a series that is…).

In any case, people, stop complaining about the pants! Wonder woman wears pants now – get over it!   What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman’s Look and the opinions about it”

  1. Personally I think a lot of the “outrage” over the costume was a bit overblown. Both outfits are fine, so what if she’s wearing pants or if they are shinny or not? Besides, as classic as the original outfit was, it’s a bit cheesy.

    In the end, I just want the show to be watchable.

  2. First off, as a child of the 70’s, I have to say – Lynda Carter will alway be “the” Wonder Woman . (Ok, I feel better now)

    Fans have got to remember that a while superhero needs a “super” outfit, it has to be super-functional too! It gets cold outside, so the pants are a very useful feature, and who wouldn’t want to fight crime in sensable shoes? Let her wear what she wants people.

    What I’m really concerned about is, what NBC might do to the invisible jet! Make it visible maybe?

    Thanks for a fun post! It’s nice to have a place for us geeks to speak out too!

    1. Ken – Great comments. Heaven help us all if the invisible jet is visible! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up the great geek speak. 😉

  3. I agree. The new comic version is great. She looks like a bad ass. I like the practicality of her outfit. In those new flat boots she can actually run without spraining her ankle or breaking her legs. The older one is more of a swimsuit than a fighting outfit anyway. I can only imagine all the wedgies Linda Carter must have gotten. I also agree that the tv show should have stuck with the new comic source instead of making yet another variation. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the spurs on the new comic version, but otherwise I like it, especially the new branded cuffs. And it does look good in action. And And I bet the wedgies must have been terrible. Or maybe they used the pageant trick and glued the costume to her behind? Wedgies aside, I think the original look (made classic by Ms. Carter) will probably forever be the most quintessential Wonder Woman.

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