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This week’s prompt is Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors.

Clearly, for book fanatics this can be a hard one. For me, I found that 10 was almost too much when I stopped to consider those authors that I turn to over and over again, those authors whose works speak to me on a deeply personal level, and those authors whom I collect multiple works (or even multiple copies of the same work). That said, I did come up with ten. Not surprisingly (to me), my top ten is spread across a variety of genres (and really in no particular order). Here they are:

  1. Walt Whitman

I talk about Leaves of Grass a lot. There’s a reason for that. Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is one of those books I turn to when I need advice. As strange as it sounds, I’ve always been able to open that book to a random page an read a line or five that helps settle and clear my mind. Walt speaks to me and I will be forever grateful to the movie With Honors for introducing me to this great author.

  1. Neil Gaiman

I actually didn’t discover Neil Gaiman until I read American Gods as part of a One Book, One Twitter event. But with that one book I was hooked. And he has kept me hooked with every subsequent work that I have read thereafter. I’ve been to see him speak twice and royally fangirl-ed when he drew Morpheus in my copy of Absolute Sandman. And I’ve already managed to get my six-month-old niece attached to him thanks to an adorable little panda with a big sneeze.


  1. Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder writes comics. But he doesn’t just write comics, he writes stories that speak to you. He explores new forms of the graphic medium with projects like The Wake and Wytches. He gets you to think more about characters new and old. His Batman books are by far my favorite stories told of that billionaire playboy superhero.

  1. Ilona Andrews

The husband and wife writing team have managed to create a fantastic world where magic and technology are battling each other to regain a balance that humans destroyed. And within that world they’ve placed some of my all-time favorite characters. I love Kate Daniels and Curran so much. They’ve managed to break and uplift my heart and I always look forward to seeing what they get up to next. (Ilona Andrews also writes some other pretty great characters and worlds too).

  1. Ann Aguirre

Ann Aguirre was my entry into the world of science fiction. Sirantha Jax and her adventures showed me that I could enjoy space sagas and got me to explore some of the more classic science fiction authors. Ann has taken me into other worlds and I will gladly follow wherever she decides to go. She writes in just about every genre and I’ve enjoyed seeing where she goes next.

  1. Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the most perfect books ever and perhaps my all-time favorite novel.

  1. Jane Green

Jane Green got me back into reading as a young adult. I’d spent a lot of time with my college studies and couldn’t quite focus. With Jemima J and Mr. Maybe, she provided books I could lose myself in and characters I could identify with. I blame my adult book addiction on Jane Green and I love her for it.

  1. George RR Martin

Epic fantasy master. I know of no other author who has gotten me to read so many pages of writing, numerous times. That is a feat. But with a story so complex and world so meticulously and richly created, it’s only a wonder it took me so long to be introduced to this master.


  1. Patricia Briggs

For me, Ilona Andrews opened the door to urban paranormal fantasy as a genre. And Patricia Briggs kicked it wide open. There’s just something about that badass mechanic who shifts into a coyote that I can help but love and follow.

  1. Shel Silverstein

I have several of his poems memorized and I have for many, many years. They are great icebreakers. I loved the silliness of his work as a child and as an adult I can see/read so much more into his simple rhymes and poems. Some are heartbreakingly beautiful and some are just heart-breaking. And then there are those that do remain truly silly. Want me to recite Polar ‘Bear In There’ for you?

So those are my favorite all-time authors. Who are yours? What do you think of mine?

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