New Comic Book Day – More Harley Quinn Variants

It’s new comic book Wednesday! We’ve got a lot of good stuff out this week. Harley Quinn’s takeover continues on the February variant covers on the following titles out today:

  • BATGIRL #39 by Cliff Chiang
  • BATMAN & ROBIN #39 by Emanuela Lupacchino and Tomeu Morey
  • BATMAN/SUPERMAN #19 by J.G. Jones and Alex Sinclair
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #39 by Dustin Nguyen and CV Painting
  • TEEN TITANS #7 by Sean Galloway
  • SUPERGIRL #39 by Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald
  • SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #16 by Francis Manapul and CVDL
  • WONDER WOMAN #39 by Phil Jiminez and Hi–Fi

Additionally, today we get another book from The Multiversity, the third in Kelly Sue DeConnick’s groundbreaking book Bitch Planet, and a Ms. Marvel Valentine themed book that features Loki of all people. Now if that’s not good comic reading, I don’t know what is!

What’s on your pull list for today?

Musings on Movie Trailers

In the last couple days, a slate of new trailers has been released for some of the upcoming movies that I am really excited about (Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel, etc.). And I’ve seen people raving about some of them – Man of Steel to be specific. People are so excited by the latest trailer I have seen it mentioned on almost every geeky website I follow (and I follow feeds from quite a few). People are talking action and music and pure awesomeness.

Superman from Man of Steel

I haven’t watched it. And I don’t think I’m going to. I’m already really looking forward to the movie and excited about the treatment for Superman which could lead to some awesome Justice League things. I don’t want to be disappointed.

I think I’ve also been conditioned to not want anything spoilery thanks to JJ Abrams and his notorious black box methods.  Im so excited to find out who Benedict Cumberbatch is and what he’s about in the next Star Trek film that I don’t want anything to spoil it for me before I see it.  Though I know that any and all cuts for Star Trek trailers will not reveal anything JJ doesn’t want revealed. I’ve decided I don’t want to see it.

Scene from Star Trek Info Darkness

I love movies and I love movie trailers. I always quiz people who have gone to the movies about which trailers they saw before the film.  My parents have started taking notes and quizzing each other after the movies they see just so they can remember the trailers they saw for when I ask that inevitable question. So not watching trailers is a actually a big change for me.

But I want to get the full effect of enjoying every second of these films that I have looked forward to for a year or more.  I want the excitement and drama and hopefully none of the disappointment. It sucks coming out of a movie and feeling like it didn’t offer anything more than what you’d already seen in the trailers.  So hopefully, this tactic I’m attempting will work out for me. I’m hoping to avoid disappointment from false high hopes. (My hopes are already high enough thank you.)

I know this also means working harder at avoidance as the movie release dates get closer and press previews start popping up  – but I’m willing to do it, even if it means an internet black-out.  Our culture has become one of spoilers and that kind of sucks. I want some surprise left in things I care about.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to avoid trailers? Or stupid? What movies are you super excited for?

WonderCon Wrap

I clearly need to do better with more timely updates. But better late than never, right? And it’s only one week late (as opposed to the last two years where I never did write anything up on my ComicCon trips).  That said, I had a fantastic time! I loved WonderCon. It was such a different experience from the overwhelming, overpopulated ComicCon.  Plus, I was staying at the Hilton Anaheim – RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the convention center. That in itself was an amazing aspect to the trip – being able to just take a quick break or change clothes or get food (or adult beverages) without having to take a shuttle and several hours was fantastic! But enough of my general exaltations, let’s get to the good stuff.  Here’s Day One of my WonderCon experience (Day Two and Three will come later).

Day One: 35th Anniversary: Battlestar; Geek and Sundry; MTV Geek; A Story is a Story: Writing Across Diverse Formats; brief exhibit hall gander; World Premiere of Superman Unbound

My mom and I arrived in Anaheim shortly before noon and attempted to check into our hotel.  I always get the warm and fuzzy feels when I’m surrounded by “my people.” After preliminary check-in (you know, when you’re told there are no rooms ready yet but they’ll call you when there is one ready), it was a quick change (I had to put on my Geek and Sundry t-shirt) and time to hit the Con.  We went to pick up our badges – what seemed like a long line was not for badges but instead to get into the building – and that created a sinking feeling about not getting into panels (having never experienced WonderCon and only ComicCon I was concerned). But the badge process was ridiculously simple and the line to get in moved quickly and as we neared the front (and the clocked ticked pass the noon opening hour – convention staff allowed us to enter through any door). And with that we headed to room 300DE for our first panel of WonderCon.

35th Anniversary: Battlestar.  Admittedly, we attended this panel to ensure we could see the Geek and Sundry panel which was afterwards – which turned out to be a good decision as the Geek and Sundry panel was one of the few panels (that I know of) that had to turn people away.  That said, the Battlestar panel was very enjoyable (and made me want to re-commit to my plan to re-watch the reimagined series in its entirety).  I must say, I was slightly disappointed that no one asked any questions about Caprica and what could have been with that show. But I guess that’s what I get for not getting up and asking about it myself.

Richard Hatch

Geek and Sundry.  I got a fancy button and a lanyard (I’m so bringing the lanyard to ComicCon).  The panel was silly and entertaining – exactly what I hoped and expected. Felicia Day is so talented and cares so much about what she does and how the community is affected.  I’m looking forward to the next season of Geek and Sundry programming and all that they have in store.

MTV Geek. This was another panel that we stumbled upon because it was in the same room and prior to one we planned to go see.  And this is probably one of the reasons I love Conventions (be them so big or so small) – you always discover new things and sometimes those new things develop into a new love and/or obsession.  I’d never heard of MTV Geek before (largely because I stopped paying attention to MTV when they stopped playing music videos. Remember when they did that?) but it seems like they are doing some great things.  I really want to watch some of the Behind the ReEvolution Marvel documentary videos that MTV Geek Executive Producer/Editor Tom Akel promoted.  Top Cow CEO Marc Silvestri was also on the panel and while he didn’t say a whole lot he was still very entertaining.  As soon as I saw him I recalled seeing him on a panel at ComicCon last year, where he was also very entertaining.  September Mourning’s Emily Lazar made me want to explore what she is doing with (wait for the buzzword…) transmedia projects.  I was also introduced to an upcoming project: Stan Lee’s The Seekers.  So much to discover and so little time!

marvelNow Behing the REvolution

A Story is a Story: Writing Across Diverse Formats.  This panel included the ever wonderful and ridiculously talented Jane Espenson (Husbands, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once Upon a Time, etcetera etcetera etcetera), Frank Beddor (The Looking Glass Wars), Amber Benson (Caliope Reaper series), the always humours Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles), and Ashley Edward Miller (Colin Fischer).  As usual, Rothfuss did not fail to disappoint and provided some extremely humorous anecdotes related to erotic fiction and more.  The point being was that to maintain creative output you have to still play.  Finding the fun in things helps keep you moving forward. He’s recently blogged on this very aspect in regards to his difficulty in producing a short story.  Ashley Edward Miller also provided many insights and anecdotes that had my mom wanting to further explore his work.  It was a great panel (as the ones filled with writers tend to be, at least in my experience).

IMG_0753World Premiere of Superman Unbound.  As I had planned the schedule for the majority of the day, this was something we attended at my mother’s request.  Though she has never watched any of the DC animated projects before, she wanted to watch this one. I think it was largely due to the voice talents of Stana Katic and Molly Quinn (both from Castle which my mother loves).  I couldn’t complain though, as Matt Bomer was providing the voice for Superman and John Noble the voice for Brainiac.  It was an entertaining flic.  I recommend watching it when it is officially released on May 7th.


Stay tuned for my wrap from Day’s Two and Three (and other WonderCon related stuff).