Surrounded By Real Love

I’ve been blessed (and cursed?) to have been surrounded by great love for as long as I can remember.  It’s both encouraging and maddening to see so many lasting examples of great romantic relationships.  I’ve had my share of trials and been a part of some truly ugly stories, yet through it all, I have not become jaded or cynical.  For lack of a better phrase:

I still believe in love.

And its because I’ve been witness to these stories:

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I have no illusions that it’s all magical and perfect all the time. I know there’s real work and commitment involved. And maybe someday I’ll find someone that’s willing to put in that effort with me.  Until then, I’ll enjoy being witness to some truly great love stories. And revel in the fact that while I may not have romantic love in my life, I do have love in my life.  All these people (and more) love and care for me and have supported me through so much in my life.

To them: Thank you.

To everyone: Enjoy all the love you are surrounded with, romantic or not. Marvel at the beauty and success that so many have achieved and keep hope that it can happen for you (if you want it). And Happy Valentine’s Day.

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