Review: The Grendel Affair

The Grendel Affair
The Grendel Affair by Lisa Shearin
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The Grendel Affair Review
How I missed the quick wit and humor of Raine Benares. With Mac, Ian, and the SPI in The Grendel Affair, Lisa Shearin returns with humor and a quick pace.

Makenna Fraser, aka Mac, is a seer, which reminded me a lot of a Grimm (NBC show with….) and Ian is a special agent who my mind kept thinking of as Agent Ressler from The Blacklist (another NBC show, this one with James Spader. It’s great; go watch it after you finish reading this book). Ian and Mac work for what in essence is supernatural investigative police force in New York. One that is headed up by a literal dragon lady (the next book in this new series concerns a dragon conspiracy – looking forward to that).
Almost halfway through the book we have a briefing about the events earlier in the book and the ultimate goal to prevent certain events occurring later in the book. It’s a natural moment that feels right and simultaneously provides background and summary information to allow the reader to catch the breath for the wild ride that follows until the conclusion of the story which comes all too quickly. This was a quick and entertaining read sprinkled with cultural references (both pop and classic). The main character is confident though not necessarily skilled and graceful and I look forward to seeing her develop her skills in the coming books.

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