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Shady Lady (Corine Solomon, #3)Shady Lady by Ann Aguirre
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I loved this one! So glad I continued to read the series after being non-plussed with the first book (Blue Diablo). This one kind of gets back to the mess that was initiated in Blue Diablo, but this time Corine is without Chance. (That may be why I liked it so much). Instead, Kel Ferguson, the Hand of God, has returned to aid her trials. I love the story and details created around Kel.

****Spoiler Alert********
I’ve always loved stories that bring in some of the religious histories. Ann Aguirre identifies Kel as Nephilim, a fallen angel born of an archangel and a human woman. This brings up all sorts of interesting pieces and revelations and changes the relationship between Corine and Kel – in a very HOT way. And I love it. I am now completely on the Kel Team. I love how Ann was able to craft this character who we feared as a convicted murderer coming after Corine in revenge of putting him behind bars into a (still scary) but powerful force avenging evil. The revelation of Corine being a descendant of King Solomon also was a great twist. One that I am eager to explore through Corine’s (and hopefully Kel’s) eyes.

I can’t wait for the fourth book in this series, although I’m a little concerned as it will undoubtedly have more of Chance in it, considering the way Shady Lady ended. But if Ann keeps bringing in the unique connections and twists based on old biblical and religious myth, I’m all for it!

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