Review: One Salt Sea

One Salt Sea
One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire
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I loved this one. I think the series keeps improving and love that we keep getting to learn about more fae (the Undersea species were incredible – I want to see them). I also find myself wanting to know so much more about the backstory of faerie (almost more so than the current story, which admittedly is not good). There were parts of this one that felt disjointed, especially having not read the prior books for awhile and I feel like there are still many ends I’d like to see tied up, but I still loved it.

*******MASSIVE SPOILER************
I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m a fan of Tybalt and have never warmed to Connor. As such, I was not happy that Toby and Connor were together. I get it – the childhood love that never got to play itself off, etc, but I still didn’t like it. Connor could never be all of what she needs. And Tybalt, well….he’s Tybalt – mysterious, sexy, some of the “bad boy” complex and he can deal. As such, I’m glad that Connor died. While I felt sad for Toby and her loss, and a slight twinge at his death, I just never found myself that attached to him. And I’m very glad that he died, rather than “slept” because it would have been fairly painful to watch Toby wait for him to wake up. So…now more Tybalt! I want to know what the secrets are and what’s there between them.

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