Review: Hell Fire

Hell Fire (Corine Solomon, #2)Hell Fire by Ann Aguirre
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I definitely liked this book better than Blue Diablo. (I also love that the book titles are alcoholic concoctions that Corine chooses to imbibe in). I’m still having a hard time really liking Chance. Admittedly, I wanted to like him more, especially because he is different in this book from the last (for several reasons), but I just can’t/don’t. The book starts with just Corine and Chance on an adventure. I think if Jesse Saldana hadn’t eventually shown up (and another character been introduced), I don’t think I could have stuck with the book. I can’t even really place what bothers me about Chance. Anyone else having trouble liking Chance?

Overall, I liked the story but I feel like Corine is a little slow at putting the pieces together. This book has convinced me to stick with the series because I hope my opinions of them will continue improving. Plus (SPOILER ALERT), I really want to see Corine explore her new powers and perhaps end up with all of her mother’s talents, find out how the relationship with Jesse develops (as her mentor if nothing else), find out whether Shannon ends up in trouble because of guiding the dead, angry spirits and shadows.

Thanks for keeping me reading Ann!

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