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Day Shift (Midnight, Texas, #2)Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A brief note to begin, I have not read Midnight Crossroad, so Day Shift is my first introduction to the people of Midnight, Texas. That said, my enjoyment was not hindered at all by this fact.

Midnight is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere Texas. And that seems to suit all the characters perfectly, which is why additional visitors seem to unnerve the residents. And despite the truly terrible character names, the characters were all so intriguing (enough to make me want to go back and read Midnight Crossroad). You’ve got the tattooed and pierced psychic, the vampire, the witch, the nice gay guys, the mysterious woman, and more. Over the course of the book, we are given tidbits and glimpses into all of these characters and more. We are teased wonderfully with the secrets they are hiding. None of these people truly know one another and we don’t either, even by the end of the book. But, we are given enough information over the course of the story to whet our appetite and not frustrate us.

There are a lot of story threads and a lot of viewpoints which may frustrate some readers but served to keep me intrigued. Although I will admit, I did lost track of some of the different intrigues over the course of the story as we focused on some of the more direct mysteries (the accusations leveled at Manfred and the mystery of the boy left in Rev’s care). Just when you think that even Charlaine Harris has forgotten about some of the stories, she’s weaves a tidbit or reference back in. Harris is great at mystery and she has set up a lot of things in this quirky town to fill several more books.

The story is unfolded in simple language without overly complicated or hard to understand writing. It’s clear and direct and makes the book a fast read. .At times, it feels too simple. The main mystery in the book was not too hard to unravel and guess at which annoyed me until I realized it had wrapped up just to leave room for the return of my absolute favorite character from the Southern Vampire series (aka the Sookie Stackhouse books). I love that the Midnight, Texas books are set in the same world as those of the Harper Connelly and Southern Vampire books for exactly this reason. Day Shift actually has a couple characters known to Sookie making appearances.

Overall, I enjoyed Day Shift immensely. But that enjoyment was very much due to the fact that I was looking for simple, light, enjoyable fare. That’s no to say there wasn’t violence, death, and references to terrible acts, but we didn’t linger on it. It was straightforward. This is exactly the type of book you want to take with you to read on the beach in the summer. This is the Charlaine Harris I grew to love in the early Sookie books (before they went off the rails).

I look forward to checking back in with the residents of Midnight in a future installment.

Note: I was provided a promotional/free copy of Day Shift by Ace or Roc Books, but all views are my own.

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