A Reluctant Runner

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Three weeks from today, I will be in Disneyland and most likely in pain.  I will be participating in the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half-Marathon.  I’m a little frightened.  I’ve never been a runner.  But, for some unknown reason, last April when the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon was announced, I had the brilliant idea that I could do it.  So, I registered at my first opportunity.

I have been training (rather half-assed until about September/October when I started training more earnestly) and I have seen improvements, much to my surprise.  I’ve been “running” two to five times a week.  Running is in quotes because it’s more like jogging. My pace is definitely not the fastest, but I have managed to maintain a fairly consistent pace, even on my longer runs.  I’m clocking in at a speedy 11 minutes per mile, which is actually a big deal for someone who has had the worst shin splints her entire life.  I never thought I’d be spending my Sundays  going on 8-9 mile runs.

I’m quite proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish to date with my training, no matter how long it takes me to finish my first ever (and more than likely my only) half-marathon.  At least I can be pretty confident that I will still be able to move after the run and continue to enjoy the splendor and magic of Disneyland later in the day (after a long shower, some quality time in the spa, and a nap of course).  Plus, there’s the added bonus of knowing I could probably eat three churros without any guilt due to the calorie burn from the race. And I will be able to revel in the knowledge that I pushed myself to do something I never thought I could and/or would do.  Wish me luck. Three weeks and counting…


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2 thoughts on “A Reluctant Runner

  1. “It’s not how fast you can go
    The force goes into the flow
    If you pick up the beat
    You can forget about the heat”

    Good luck! 🙂

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