Let’s Go to the Movies – Oscar Sunday!


This year I haven’t managed to watch nearly as many of the nominees as I wanted or have in the past. And very sadly, I did not make it to a presentation of the short films either.  That said I’ve seen some and know enough about some others that I will once again make my predictions.  Have you made yours?

I’ll likely be tweeting during the broadcast if your interested in my opinions of what actually happens.  Congratulations to all who’ve been nominated and all who will win. Happy Oscars!

grandbudapesthotelBest Picture – The Grand Budapest Hotel

This is a tough category for me to predict because I have only managed to watch four of the eight nominees.  I think there are some great movies in this category  but Wes Anderson’s sprawling cast and entertaining film are everything that a ‘best picture’ should be in my book.

Director – Boyhood, Richard Linklater

While I am not a particular fan of the movie Boyhood, I do think a lot of credit should be given to Richard Linklater for the massive undertaking of the film (the number of years and the effort required to pull off this unique film) deserve recognition.


Leading Actor – Michael Keaton, Birdman

So I actually think this category may end up being a toss-up. There is no doubt that Eddie Redmayne deserves the award for his performance as Stephen hawking in The Theory of Everything, but Michael Keaton may win more Academy votes just because it’s less likely he’d be a return nominee. And while I love Eddie Redmayne, I’d love to see Tim Burton’s Batman take the stage to accept the award. He always seems like such a gracious, good guy.

Leading Actress – Julianne Moore, Still Alice

I haven’t seen the movie (and quite honestly I don’t know if can – dementia and Alzheimer’s is very personal), but what I’ve heard about her portrayal make me believe she deserves this award.  She’s also another actress who always seems gracious and wonderful.

Supporting Actor – J.K. Simmons, Whiplash

I’d love to see Edward Norton take home the Oscar because I love him and do think he turned in an amazing performance in Birdman, but I think J.K. Simmons has got this in the bag. He’s a prolific actor who portrayed something very out of his character.

Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

Again, while Boyhood was not my cup of tea, Patricia Arquette’s bravery to play one role over more than a decade will likely win the votes and have her take home the statue in this category.

HTTYD2Animated Feature – How To Train Your Dragon 2

I love the animated features.  I haven’t managed to watch Song of the Sea (not without trying especially since I adored The Book of Kells) or Big Hero 6.  If I had seen Big Hero 6, I think I probably would have had a tougher time choosing, but since I haven’t I’ve got to go with the Dragons.  Dean Deblois is a great man and I cried with so much feeling in that movie. I’d love to see him take home an Oscar.

Cinematography – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Just watch this movie and try to tell me that the cinematography is not amazing. Those colors and sets and the movement…  I think Birdman could also take home the award based on those long shots

Production Design – The Grand Budapest Hotel

The sets alone make Wes Anderson’s film the stand out in my opinion.

Costume Design – The Grand Budapest Hotel

I’d love to see Maleficent win (hello wings and horns), but I think the variety within The Grand Budapest Hotel may pull in the award.

Film Editing – Boyhood

Just consider the challenge of editing together footage from 12 years’ worth of non-consecutive filming.

Visual Effects – Guardians of the Galaxy

This is always a tough category for me to choose because it usually consists of all my favorite genre movies. But Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing in so many ways I want them to take home some hardware!


Original Song – Everything is Awesome

I think there was some shock that The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated in the Best Animated Feature category and that could boost the chances of this song winning.

Original Score – ??

I haven’t seen all the films and of the ones I did see, none of the scores seem to be quite as memorable to me.

Adapted Screenplay – The Imitation Game

This was a truly remarkable film and adapted beautifully from the source material to truly get the heart of Alan Turing’s story.

Original Screenplay – The Grand Budapest Hotel

This was a truly original film that was very delightful and deserves to win best original screenplay.


I’m missing a view categories, but this post is probably longer than you wanted to read already without adding categories which I don’t feel qualified to talk about this year.

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