Music Monday – My Top 10 Albums of 2014

A friend of mine recently posted his top albums of 2014. While I agreed with some of his choices I felt he was missing some really great albums. Music is subjective and its power comes from the feelings we associated with the varied interpretations.  So, after the jump are my favorite albums from 2014:

  1. Walk the Moon – Talking is Hard (Dec 2014)
  2. Rise Against – The Black Market (July 2014)
  3. The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt (Aug 2014)
  4. Bleachers – Strange Desire (July 2014)
  5. Hozier – Hozier (Sept. 2014)
  6. Banks – Goddess (Sept 2014)
  7. Jack White – Lazaretto (June 2014)
  8. Ed Sheeran – x (Multiply) (June 2014)
  9. FKA Twigs – LP1 (Aug 2014)
  10. Sam Smith – In the Lonely Hour (May 2014)

And because a lot of really good music came out last year, here’s five more albums for good measure. And while I’m embarrassed to admit it, I even include Taylor Swift.

  1. Taylor Swift – 1989 (Oct 2014)
  2. Alt J – This Is All yours (Sept. 2014)
  3. Future Islands – Singles (Mar 2014)
  4. Betty Who – Take Me When You Go (Oct 2014)
  5. Royal Blood – Royal Blood (Aug 2014)

I really want to tell you more about each album and why I love them, but I’d rather you take a listen for yourself and then tell me what you think! And what are some of your favorite albums from 2014 that I missed?

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  1. I work at a music venue and saw Walk the Moon open for Panic! at the Disco in August. I very quickly fell in love with them! “Shut Up and Dance” is one of my favorite songs of 2014. 1989 was wonderful, and I’m obsessed with Ed Sheeran so anything he does is gold in my eyes! 😉

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