Music Monday – Fifty Shades of Grey Soudntrack

I haven’t seen the movie (I did read the books – I wasn’t a fan because the poor writing kept pulling me out of the story), but I am completely taken with the movie’s soundtrack.  Have a listen to this song from Ellie Goulding:

And check out the track listing for the soundtrack:

  1. I Put A Spell On You (Fifty Shades of Grey) by Annie Lennox
  2. Undiscovered by Laura Welsh
  3. Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) by The Weeknd
  4. Meet Me In The Middle by Jessie Ware
  5. Love Me Like You Do (From “Fifty Shades Of Grey”) by Ellie Goulding
  6. Haunted by Beyonce
  7. Salted Wound by Sia
  8. Beast Of Burden by The Rolling Stones
  9. I’m On Fire by AWOLNATION
  10. Crazy In Love by Beyonce
  11. Witchcraft (Remastered) by Frank Sinatra
  12. One Last Night by The Vaults
  13. Where You Belong by The Weeknd
  14. I Know You by Skylar Grey
  15. Ana and Christian by Danny Elfman
  16. Did That Hurt? by Danny Elfman

It’s a stellar line-up with amazing music. No matter what your thoughts are about the book or the movie, I suggest you let this music stand alone and give it a listen.


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