MSN and Poor Wording for Blurbs and Headlines

Example of poor MSN HeadlineI happened to see the above on this morning.  I’ve got to say this may be one of the most egregious examples of poor headline and blurb writing on MSN’s page that I’ve ever seen.

Kristen Stewart & Emma Watson have similar acting talent. How about fashion sense? We line them up in different looks & let you decide.

Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson have similar acting talent?!? Really? In what world? And nevermind that when you click on the link, the wonderwall page makes no mention of acting talent (rightly so).

The Wonderwall page the above link/story takes you to says the following:

Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson have certainly drawn enough comparisons over the years: Each is the star of a major film franchise, they’ve both grown up in front of the cameras, and they’re less than a week apart in age. In honor of Kristen’s birthday on April 9 and Emma’s birthday on April 15, we’re pitting the “Twilight” and

“Harry Potter” stars against each other in the ultimate movie franchise fashion face-off. Whose style sense is tops: the sexy vampire or the sweet wizard? You decide!

What do you think? Is this blurb worthwhile? It’s certainly not why I followed through on the link– I wanted to see the fashion. How tired are you of teaser headlines and misleading blurbs? What bad headlines or blurbs have you come across lately?


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