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Lyrical Tuesday – A New Game

I’m starting something new for 2015. I frequently come across song lyrics that strike me for one reason or another.  Sometimes they are from the chorus. Other times its one line in a verse. I want to share those lyrics more frequently, but I want to make it interesting. So from now on, Tuesdays will have a Lyrical Tuesday post. I will post just the lyrics to the song and you have 24 hours to guess the artist and song title. Some will be easy, some will be hard.

The idea is not to cheat (song lyrics are available quite easily online nowadays), but to wrack your brain for something you’ve probably heard at least once somewhere sometime.  My goal is to share and introduce great music. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favorite song?

This first one is pretty easy (at least it’s easy if you listened to the songs I posted yesterday in relation to my most anticipated albums of 2015).

Tonight, baby, you can start again
Laughing in the open air
Have yourself another dream
Tonight, baby, we can start again

So, who’s the artist and what’s the song?

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