Lyrical Tuesday #3

I frequently come across song lyrics that strike me for one reason or another.  Sometimes they are from the chorus. Here’s a lyric to a song and you have 24 hours to guess the artist and song title before I post the answer in the comments.

The idea is not to cheat (song lyrics are available quite easily online nowadays), but to wrack your brain for something you’ve probably heard at least once somewhere sometime.  My goal is to share and introduce great music. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favorite song?

There will be a time to crack another smile
Maybe not today or for awhile
But we’re holding on to laugh again some day


Meghan is an environmental scientist by trade but an artist at heart. She loves all things geeky/nerdy and is frequently found with less geeky friends rolling their eyes at her. She often spouts all kinds of pop culture trivia and nonsense stemming from her avid love of movies, music, art, and books. If not curled up with a book (she reads at least one a week) or comic, she can be found painting with something on a screen to distract her. She wishes she was as cool as Veronica Mars or as Kate Daniels. Besides blogging about comics here you can also find her exploring around twitter, instagram, tumblr, pinterest, goodreads, and trying to keep up appearances on her own blog.

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