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Exciting news for my little blog here.  Sarah from Say Hello was kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award.  Sarah has a great mix of posts on her blog and it seems to me we have a lot in common, so I’m honored to be nominated by her.  Check out her some of her Texts from Sarah posts and just try not to giggle….

Liebster AwardWhat is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is a way to highlight new bloggers with less than 200 followers.  In many ways, it’s kind of a chain letter, but the blogging world is often maintained by supporting other bloggers.  So, I don’t begrudge the chain mail aspect of the award at all. I’m happy to spread some love and help others find new, interesting blogs to read.

What are the rules?

First and foremost you need to thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog (and really why wouldn’t you? It’s common courtesy!).  Next be sure to Include a picture of the Liebster award in your post, as well as the rules. Then the fun writing part comes in to play.  You need to answer the 11 questions given to you by the person/people who nominated you, provide 11 random facts about you, and make up 11 questions for your nominated bloggers to answer.  You need to nominate up to 11 blogs who have less than 200 followers and let the good times roll.

Also, it’s good practice to let the people you nominated know that they have been nominated (it helps to send them a link to your blog so they can get the information) and let the person who nominated you know you’ve answered their questions.

With that, here we go…

The Questions I Was Asked To Answer

  1. Where do you blog (office, bedroom, Starbucks, etc.)?
    Typically, I’m sitting on my living room couch with my laptop.
  2. How did your blog name come about?
    I’ve never been able to settle into one niche and I love alliterations, so I figured Medley of Musings was quite applicable.  And Mesulli just happens to be the username that I’ve managed to secure across many different social media sites.
  3. If you won one million dollars, what would you do with it?
    It’s boring, but the first thing would be to pay off my school debts.  Then, I’d buy a new house and plan a couple amazing travels before putting the rest into various retirement accounts. One million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to….
  4. What was the last book you read?
    I just finished reading The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell (it was a Sword and Laser chosen read).
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
    Ever since seeing XXX, I’ve had a desire to travel to and explore Prague which has only grown over the years.
  6. What is your favorite hobby (or hobbies)?
    I can never focus on one thing for very long so I tend to have a lot of hobbies.  Some of them include painting, drawing, gaming (on my Xbox and on the computer with the Blizzard titles), reading (a lot), running, and more…
  7. What is your favorite musician/band?
    Rise Against is my favorite band and I’ve seen them perform live more times than I can remember.
  8. Name three words that describe your personality.
    Intelligent, Friendly, and driven.
  9. What did you want to be when you grew up?
    In kindergarten I wanted to be a teacher and somewhere around the age of 12 I wanted to be a marine biologist researching sharks.  Turns out that wasn’t a good plan…I get sea sick very easily.
  10. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Without a doubt it would be pizza! Yum!
  11. Describe your proudest moment. (Or one of them.)
    One of my proudest moments was probably crossing the finish line of the first half marathon that I ran.  I was 30 and I’d never been much of a runner (that’s kind of an understatement – I avoided it like the plague. In high school, I started playing another sport just to avoid the running conditioning before basketball season began).  Knowing that I could move continuously for 13.1 miles was an impressive feat for me.

The 11 Facts About Me

  1. I have two Bachelor’s degrees (Marine Biology and Environmental Studies), a Master’s degree (Environmental Science), and a couple of Certificates from community college (Web Programming and Multimedia Design).
  2. I’m a California girl through and through, which I discovered by living in Rhode Island for a while.
  3. I’m extremely close to all of my family (and missed them terribly when I lived in Rhode Island).
  4. The adult women in my family tend to make way too many trips to Disneyland.
  5. My favorite movie is Elizabethtown.
  6. I have a massive collection of PEZ dispensers.
  7. While the movie (and books) helped, I’m still angry that Veronica Mars was canceled too soon.
  8. I write for several different websites (my own, Girls on the Grid, Geek Girl Pen Pals, and soon to be High Def Universe).
  9. I’ve ran more than five different half marathons (I love the RunDisney races).
  10. Though I love the Marvel movies dearly, I just can’t get into the comics and will always be a DC Comics kinda girl.
  11. I own WAY too many books (and I don’t regret it)!

My Liebster Award Nominees

Their 11 Questions to Answer

  1. What is something you would like to do to improve your life?
  2. If you could be best friends with any celebrity, who would you choose?
  3. What are you currently reading and why?
  4. What are your five favorite films? Is there a common denominator between them?
  5. What actor or actress deserves an Oscar who has never won one?
  6. What would you consider to be a perfect first date?
  7. What things do you think you cannot live without?
  8. What did you once find frightening that no longer scares you?
  9. If you had an extra day every month that no one else had, what would you do with it?
  10. What event in history would you like to have witnessed in person?
  11. What’s your favorite silly joke?

Congratulations to the new nominees. I hope you have fun with the Liebster Award and I look forward to reading your posts.

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