Let’s talk about coastal infrastructure

I don’t care what your view on climate change is – whether it is destined to occur or not, whether it is enhanced by man-made emissions or not.  The reality is that sea level is rising, weather patterns are changing, and storm intensity is increasing. Storms with the devastating result that Sandy has caused will become commonplace. Our coastal (and otherwise) infrastructure is not designed to handle or sustain that type of damage.  So, I repeat, I don’t care what your view on climate change is – but we need to prepare and begin to change many things if we hope to (pardon the phrase) weather the coming storms.

Forgive me for taking a stance at this time (although it is a stance I’ve held for quite some time). In no means do I mean to diminish the extreme devastation that residents along the eastern seaboard have sustained.  My heart goes out to all those impacted by this event.  I wish a speedy recovery to all. I all wish that in that recovery, they can become better protected from future events of this nature.  For that to happen, we need to talk about the changing climate and accept the realities it will impose on all of us.  It is time to stop arguing about whether or not climate change is real and start safeguarding our future.  Sadly, it has taken the devastation of Sandy to bring climate change back to the fore front of discussions (at least for some people, some are still completely avoiding it).

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