Hope, Dreams, and Optimism in a New Year (2014 to be specific)

The New Year begins and with it more goals and pledges and resolution for just about everyone. I’m no different. There is a reason for the brightness and optimism as the calendar year changes. The hope for a fresh start and improved situations is powerful.  While I agree with many ‘experts’ that say you shouldn’t wait for the new year to make small (or large) changes that will improve your life – mentally, physically, emotionally, whatever-ly. Every day is a fresh start. But the calendar year provides a tangible mile marker that is hard to forget.

I have big plans for this year. I’m determined for 2014 to be the year that changes a lot of things for me.  Big things are going to happen because I’m going to make them happen. I’m going to focus more effort on my appearance, my health, and my relationships.  And I’m going to actively work towards changing many things other in my life. I have so many plans and goals and things I want to do in my life, but I have not been actively working towards many of them.  The things I have been doing in the name of achieving those goals have been more superficial activities. Yes, I have been taking classes to gain skills and meet education requirements for a new career field, but I haven’t been actively practicing many of those skills to produce work that will help me achieve my goals.

They talk about making New Year’s resolutions in the manner of SMART goals (specific, measurable, blah blah, etc.). But quite honestly, I really don’t know how to make all of my goals SMART. I barely feel like I have enough time as it is to do many of the things I love (and the things I have to do). So, I will need to make many changes and I haven’t quite figured them all out yet. I do know that I need many changes in my life and I need to actively work for them every single day.

So here are just a few things I’m hoping to work towards this year:

  • Production of more art, including some I’d be proud to present in a portfolio
  • Regular writing (blogs, short stories, a novel and/or a screenplay). I’ve got ideas I just need to sit down and let them out.
  • More web creations (I’ve got a domain – I need to make better use of it.)
  • Glorious, amazing mistakes (because this means I’m not afraid to try. It means I’m creating even if it doesn’t work out)
  • More meaningful interactions with those I care about

I’ve also got a more specific (and for me very challenging) goal.

Aside from the three books I have already pre-ordered, for series that are absolute favorites, I am aiming to not buy any books next year. Why make this ridiculous goal? Because I have a problem. I buy way too many books. In 2014, I need to make my way through my massive to-read list of books I have previously purchased.

What are your big plans for 2014? And how are you doing on day 1 of this wonderful new year?

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