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her- my thoughts

So I saw her on Friday night (I even left work early to catch a showing). These are my thoughts about it.

It’s beautiful! I was in awe of the quiet beauty, not just in the cinematography but in the display of human emotion. It was incredible to see the wide range of heartbreak, love, jealousy, awe, and so much more. It’s a movie about relationships and feelings. There is more humanity present in this movie about love with an artificially intelligent operating system than most movies with two human protagonists.

Part of the magic is achieved with the brilliant writing. The dialogue of the movie is so smart and meaningful. There are so many gems but these two are what stayed with me:

“The past is just a story we tell ourselves.”

And about love: “[it’s] socially acceptable insanity.”

These quotes also speak to the message of acceptance in the movie. Absolute, unquestionable acceptance of love in whatever form it may take and that’s powerful. There is one scene where Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) tells Paul (Chris Pratt) his girlfriend is an operating system, and Paul doesn’t even flinch. He doesn’t question it; he doesn’t care. That one little moment is striking because of what doesn’t happen. The friendships on display, including the one with Amy Adams, is entirely real. The truths in this movie pack a punch.

scene from her with Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix

I highly recommend seeing it. But, I suggest you give a care to who you may see the movie with. Given the reality of sex with an operating system (think about it), it could be a little awkward depending on who you are with. Yet, the inclusion of that reality just provides another layer of the genuineness in this movie. Also keep an eye out for a feisty little video game character who is quite funny, as long as you aren’t sensitive to foul language.

Have you seen her? What did you think?

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