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Game of Thrones – The Show vs The Books

I watched last night’s episode, Dark Wings Dark Words, and couldn’t help but ponder future events that are coming, both near and far.  And of course that leads to the question that’s been raging among fans for awhile.  What if George R.R. Martin doesn’t finish his books in a timely manner for the show.

Game of Thrones show producers, David Benioff and D.B Weiss,  have finally confirmed that they will not wait for George R.R. Martin to finish the books.

via hitfix:

“I guess we spend more time worrying than the fans,” Benioff said. The two of them visited Martin at his home in Santa Fe back in February to pump him for information about where all the stories are going, so they can properly set them up in the world of the show, and “It was incredibly useful,” according to Benioff.

“There’s no question that this will be better for us if the books come out before the various seasons come out,” Benioff added. “That said, we’re not going to take a two-year hiatus (to wait for a book). The little kids are growing older, the show’s got momentum now, and the show must go on. We’re just hopeful that it will all time out.”

I think it’s a good decision for a variety of reasons.  Over at The Wertzone, the issue was explored in detail in the article “Will Game of Thrones overtake the novels?” Ultimately, everyone who has read the books and watched the show will have to make the decision for themselves.  I’ll likely watch the show to its conclusion no matter what the status of the book series is – after all I did watch Season 1 of the show before I ever read any of the books.  Also, I think enough changes have been made to the show (some small, some more significant) that both television and book series can stand on their own.

But here’s hoping George writes like the wind and any massive spoiler that shows up in the show doesn’t destroy our faith in the overall story.


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