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My SDCC Godzilla Encounter

(This post is one of several based on my latest 2013 Comic Con experience.)

I had the good fortunate (or poor fortune considering I was present for a Godzilla attack) to visit the Godzilla Encounter experience while I was in San Diego for Comic Con (on Sunday morning, July 21st). Check out the web site for more images and other stuff from the encounter.

It was a fantastic experience. You can view the photos I took from the initial room in the slideshow below.

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I was so distracted by entering Tokyo from the streets of San Diego, I didn’t even get a chance to explore the whole room before alarms started going off an we were ushered into a control room bunker tracking the attacks across the world. (As an aside, I happened to be standing next to the entrance to the next room and with the alarms sounding and the guide telling us we need to move, I jumped about three feet when a man opened up a gate behind me.  The man was in a uniform and didn’t break character telling me “Its going to be okay ma’am.”)  Following the control room we were ushered into an elevator to be taken to the roof for an immediate air lift evacuation.  Of course, the elevator stopped and we had to exit on the 25th floor.  It was there and then that we came face to face with the monster!  We ran for our lives and survived.  And as a survival gift, we received an exclusive poster.

Godzilla poster

The Godzilla Encounter was a lot of fun. And it served exactly the purpose it was designed for – it made me excited and look forward to the movie.  I actually look forward to some of the additional marketing that Legendary produces in advance of this film.

Oh and this was the image that you could unlock with the app if you discovered and translated certain posters within the encounter:

godzilla encounter unlocked art


Stay tuned for more of my Comic Con experience. Every year I say I’ll blog about it, but then things come up and I don’t. This year – I’m doing it!

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