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State of the Sundry – Geeks and Judgment

So, Geek and Sundry will be continuing to produce new and original content for another ‘season.’  And to announce that news, Felicia Day put together a short video.

In the video (just watch it, it’s only 2 and half minutes), Felicia begins to question the meaning of Geek and why she does what she does.  It’s a thoughtful piece and something we should all consider.  To her, geek has become cliche and a label. It’s become overused by society to pigeonhole and to market to.

To Felicia, geek means a rebel, an outsider, a dreamer, a creator.  Geeks are not defined by their hobby, but by their passion. And she goes on to say that the mantra of geek to her is ‘Your judgment is not my problem.’  And that really resonated with me.  I have embraced that philosophy – but its taken me a long time to do.

I spent my childhood labeled as the ‘smart kid’, ‘brainiac’, ‘nerd’, and many derivations thereof.  Looking at all the news today, I do feel lucky because despite being labeled I was never bullied. I was teased, but it was entirely good-natured and by my friends.  And yet, I still felt uncomfortable sharing many of my interests more broadly and widely.  I downplayed my intelligence.  But over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Your judgment is not my problem.’ I can be who and what I am and like what I like and I don’t care what you think about me.  If you like what I like – great! We can talk about it. If you don’t, we can talk about that too and maybe expand each others’ horizons. If you want to belittle or argue or judge, I’m just not going to listen.

And that is kind of why I’ve stayed away from the arguments and debates that have raged across many forums at many different times about ‘fake geek girls.’ (Plus, others with more importance than me have made very articulate arguments about the subject that I agree with.) I don’t want to waste my energy arguing with others who don’t matter to me.  The fake geek girl arguments are ridiculous.  I don’t care if people assume I’m a fake geek, especially when it’s some random person I’ve never met and/or just have a passing encounter with.

It has taken me a long time to come to this state of being, but I made it and it feels great. I don’t care what you think about me and/or my interests. I know what I like and will continue to pursue those interests and explore other interests that may or may not be related in some way. And I said as much to Geek and Sundry when they asked for thoughts on Felicia’s video.   


And Felicia tweeted  back to me!! (It made me ridiculously happy and I don’t care what you think of that! Because

Your Judgment is Not My Problem.

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