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Five Fandom Friday – Characters I’d Love To Dress Up As For Halloween

We are getting closer and closer to my favorite holiday – Halloween. Do you know what you’re dressing up as? I have some ideas for a couple things I’m going to do this year (stay tuned for pictures of those when they happen) and I always seem to have a running list of costumes I’d love to put together.  So for this week’s Five Fandom Friday, here’s five characters I’d really love to dress up as for Halloween (or some other occasion is okay too):

  1. Classic Rogue from Marvel Comics
  2. Sweet Pea in Sucker Punch (combat clothing, obviously)
  3. Jessica RabbitCOSTUMES
  4. Lili when she’s in the dress from Darkness in Legend
  5. Lightning as portrayed in Final Fantasy 13Lightning and Lili
  6. And as a bonus…Any and all of the DC BombshellsDC Comics Bombshells

It goes without saying (or it should), that I’d want these costumes to be absolutely amazing and as close to their original inspirations as possible while also fitting me perfectly. And considering I can’t sew, that is probably why these costumes will remain on my wish list for awhile.

Happy Fandom Friday! Check out Fandom Friday and some of the costumes other geeky ladies are dying to wear on the following blogs:

So what geeky costumes are you wanted to wear?

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