Gender Through Comic Books Online Course

I got an email from ComiXology this week about a new online course.  It’s called Gender Through Comic Books and its a 6-week massive open online course (MOOC) that begins on April 2nd.  I know there are a lot of different platforms that have been promoting open courses (Itunes University and come to mind), but this is the first I’ve seen through a very specific forum.  Obviously, comiXology is supported by ‘students’ who have to buy the core reading titles*. But even so,  I think this is great. I’m debating enrolling, but I’m worried about the commitment.

Gender Through COmics

Gender Comics Course noticesEspecially since I’m already enrolled in two classes, working full-time, and finishing up some contract work. I imagine with this type of format, it is really up to the student to decide how much they are willing to put in (and therefore get out of the class). But the ‘you will be expected to work with a group of other students’ worries me.

So, has anyone else ever take one of the online courses which required enrollment and participation  How did that work for you? How much time did you commit? Was it a worthwhile experience?

* I should note that ComiXology is offering, for a limited time, a discount when you purchase all the reading list titles and the total comes to $78.86 for 47 items. It’s a lot of great comic reading which could be very worth it depending on your interests.

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