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Comic Con – Preview Night

Well, I said I was going to post about this here and here I am. Better late than never right? Maybe next year I’ll actually be able to get something up closer to real time? Always set goals for yourself! And with that….

Wednesday – Preview Night

Once again, I flew down to San Diego mid-day to have enough time to get settled in my hotel, eat, and wander before picking up my badge and taking part in preview night.  I had a late lunch at Whiskey Girl (a nice, juicy burger, tasty tater tots, and a refreshing beer) then made my way to the convention center to pick up my badge and see what giant bag would be my very own.  I ended up with a bag promoting Arrow (the show on CW with Stephen Amell) and that was fine by me, especially since the cape for that bag was a nice design.  Eventually I also ended up with a bag promoting The Following too (someone left it in a panel room!).  After getting my badge I decided to hang around the convention center waiting for preview night rather than head back to my hotel or wait in the line to get in (probably my mistake there, but its okay). So, I had another tasty adult beverage at Tin Fish – which was decorated by NBC in support of the television show Revolution and I picked up one of the nifty cardboard seats from NBC (Sadly, I left i tin my hotel room for most of the trip, but I did try it out there on my last night. It was actually pretty sturdy and definitely more comfortable than the concrete ground. I wished I’d carried it around with me.).  And after I finished it was time to make my way in to preview night. I had a list of booths I wanted to visit and obtain swag or purchased merchandise from.  But rather than head straight into the line for the exhibit hall, I detoured and got in a line for the Summit Entertainment t-shirt bar – I waited and ended up with a pass to have a custom t-shirt printed for me based on either Ender’s Game or Divergent (I chose a shirt from Divergent).  By the time I got my into the exhibit hall to get my t-shirt, the swarms around the Fox, ABC, and other popular booths were already out of control. Lines for the Mattel and Hasbro booths (among others) had already been capped – and this was only 5:30pm.  Preview night in the exhibit hall lasts from 5 to 9.  Still, I fought my way through some crowds and picked up a few free things and just kind of gawked at the amazing displays that make up the exhibit hall. After about an hour I’d had my fill and made my way to Ballroom 20 to catch some of the pilot screenings. I ended up catching the majority of Almost Human and all of The 100.  I left after The 100, before The Tomorrow People started, and decided to call it a night and caught the shuttle back to my hotel to try to get some sleep before the real madness began.

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To be continued with Thursday, Day 1.

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