Book Review – Planetfall by Emma Newman

PlanetfallPlanetfall by Emma Newman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Plantefall is a wonderful science fiction story of humans leaving earth, guided to a new planet by a ‘chosen one’, the Pathfinder. The story begins with a colony settled on the new planet and the tale of how they got there unfolds slowly, tantalizingly so, as Renata Ghali’s life and lies begin to crumble around her when a newcomer arrives at the colony.

As many of the best science fiction books do, Planetfall gives us a startlingly look at humanity and in Ren’s case at certain mental disorders. Her ways of coping with the trauma of Planetfall and all that’s transpired are unhealthy to say the least. From the beginning of the story, we are teased with what actually happened as opposed with the knowledge the majority of the colony has. Emma Newman makes us work for that knowledge. We are almost a third of the way through the story before we start to collect bits and pieces and two-thirds through before we can actually piece together more. And all the while, we are treated to the workings of the colony and those of Ren’s own mind.

It’s a book about resources and environmentalism (living with a minimal footprint and zero-waste). But it’s also a book that considers questions of humanity, faith, belief, and ultimate purpose. And like many great stories, its ending leaves you questioning not only the story but also your own beliefs and your own self.

I received a free copy of Planetfall from the publisher. My review is my own personal and subjective opinion and I have not received compensation for it.

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