Because it’s the New Year….

It’s the start of a new year. Generally, it’s a time for reflection and time for change. Everywhere you look and listen; people are talking about resolutions for the New Year. It’s kind of an interesting phenomenon. First off, why do people typically wait until now to try to implement large changes in their life? If something is that important to become a regular habit or goal, why not start it when you first imagine and/or decide you want to do it? Second, so many people are focused on changing themselves – to get fit, to eat better, to get organized, etc. If you’ve been living your life effectively and healthily, why the sudden desire to change? Regardless, it is always encouraging when people strive to better themselves. And if people decide they need the change of the calendar year, who I am to judge. Besides, this year I’m participating in that past time as well.

I’ve made many of my own resolutions and goals to work towards in 2011. I have high hopes for 2011, and not just for me – for everyone in my life. But, I am not delusional. I know I need to work to achieve my goals. I need to actively plan and participate in many actions to be a better me. But, three days into the New Year and I have a plan. I bought multiple calendars (paper zombies anyone?) and I’ve made implementation plans.

  1. I intend to eat healthier and get back to my regular gym schedule. My clothes are too tight for comfort and I know I can do better. I’ve made a commitment to myself to be the fittest, healthiest person I can before I turn 30. That gives me six months to do things right. Lucky (or unlucky) for me, my little sister’s wedding in also in June, which means both my parents are also on a mission to look better for all those photographs documenting the important occasion.
  2. I intend to focus on and pursue my artistic nature. I intend to create regularly. Whether its paintings, writings (Hello Blog!), or something else. I’m going to spend time every week working on some sort of project. And lucky for me, I have already committed to creating a painting for a good friend (He’s given me quite a large wall in his home to decorate.)
  3. I intend to further my education in the creative web realm. I’ve (finally) decided on a specific program from a specific institution. I’ve got all the information and a date set to talk to an advisor/employee at the institution about my intentions. Now, if I can just register for a class before they fill up, I’ll be set.
  4. I intend to continue to make time for all of my friends. I want to foster and further strengthen my relationships with people around me. They’ve helped me so much. I want to make sure I continue to be a part of their lives to be able to help them in their times of need – good and bad. After a conversation with another good friend, this also entails more vocal conversations supplementing electronic communications.

I’m sure there is probably more I’ve thought about and/or will continue to strive for this year (did anyone say “romantic potentials”?). But as it, these four goals are extremely important to me as they represent who I am and who I want to be. I spent a lot of time getting to know myself in the past couple years (apparently so did the ever fabulous Felicia Day). It’s now time to put that knowledge to good use and pursue my passions.

So, here’s to 2011 and all the effort it will take to truly be successful with my ambitions. And good luck to all of you with yours!

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  1. Sounds like you are already off to a great start this year! 🙂 Good luck with your goals! I just know you can achieve them!! 🙂

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